Detail shot
 xRGB as it stands in the gallery viewed from the front
Concept Model
Prototype 2
Acrylic Bender
 Detail of the Tensioning device
 Each piece was derived from CAD, laser cut,  and numerically annotated via dry erase marker for visibility. We printed out every single piece with the desired bending angle. 
 Custom Flushed hinged MDF boards were constructed with an attached protractor to bend the pieces to the appropriate angle. It was accuracy down to 0.5 degrees and with the flexibility of the material, we were able to fabricate/bend each acrylic piece.
 Shown are myself (left) and Adrian Ariosa (right) who are preparing desert breakfast crepes for the long road of fabrication ahead.
 Introducing more team members: Jake Henry (left) Heyu Lu (sitting at table).
 Larry Smith. Excited over our first fabricated component.
 Coordination and execution of which pieces to fabricate first.
Fabrication Process
Bending Team
 Pieces are pre-laid out to keep all 400 of them organized
 Heyu and Larry beginning fabrication on the bottom row. One man positions each piece while the other rivets them in place.
Annotative Properties
 Jake and Adrian struggling with the same task.
 The first quarter of xRGB gets built.
 Half of the piece is completed. 
 75% completion milestone
 Backside of the completed project where the joining pieces are accentuated.
 Detail of the joinery and rivets. Notice the fillet edges where the score/bend lines occur to express the plasticity of the formal action and the material.
 View of xRGB from the back side
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